Twitter founder and infighting history one of the founders was expelled


October 2013, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey at a Twitter conference in

Behind the scenes

Twitter may not like you imagine. Twitter has four founders, namely Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams and Biz Stone. Where Dorsey and Williams served as CEO, but in turn exit; and the same as the founder and took the name of the Twitter Glass completely disappeared in the Twitter picture, became the founder of stealth".


back in 1999, Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan co founded Pyra Labs, launched the famous online blog service Blogger. 2003, Pyra was acquired by Google, a year after the Evan Williams left Google, and began to create its own Podcast (video sharing) service Odeo.

2005, Jack Dorsey met with Williams, hired by the latter as a programmer. But the outcome of Odeo is not good, apple (498.68, 2.64, 0.53%) released with Podcast Store iTunes, Odeo’s fate is doomed to death.

Twitter founded: the beginning of the dispute

After the failure of

Odeo, Williams, one of the founders of Noah Glass, as well as a friend of Biz Stone began to co founded Twitter Odeo Dorsey. Founded to collaboration of Twitter, including the founder of the founding team, all have their own Blaine Cook Twitter abacus: want to be more like TXTMob, Williams hope to do more like Blogger, Dorsey want to reinvent the wheel, but Glass is more interested in the Twitter as communication tools.

Stone said, "we were in a rat infested basement office, our team internal struggle, everyone thinks this is stupid." But what they did was to change the world.

Glass is the name of the person who took the Twitter, although just because the initial registration has been temporarily replaced with Twttr. Dorsey is in the process of Twitter

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