With the long tail theory a App worth 100 million a year

network is a content aggregation, for users, from the multitude information efficiently and quickly find the information they need, need fast channel". Navigation, search engine, news portal…… Based on this core needs to create a ten year boom in the Internet PC era.

in the first half of 2013, the "mobile Internet trends report" shows: the tablet computer and mobile Internet devices per long Internet using intelligent mobile phone and, for the first time more than PC, PC and Internet users to migrate to the mobile terminal trend continued strong.

PC Internet dividend has been done, the mobile Internet has become a mainstream is inevitable, but the substance of the Internet as the substance of polymerization unchanged. So, come to a conclusion: in the mobile Internet era, the content from the PC is transferred to the mobile terminal platform, need to transfer, content aggregation and distribution, this is the bonus and opportunities of mobile Internet entrepreneurship. A little information, it is to seize the opportunity to rise rapidly.

September 11th, phoenix new media announced that to spend $6 million acquisition of a little information of the shares in November 7th, phoenix new media once again to $8 million 500 thousand holdings of a little information of the shares of 8.5%. This estimate, a little information, the latest price of up to $100 million!

from the official promotion to the value of $100 million, just over half a year, the rapid rise of information behind what is the secret behind



seize the Internet long tail

a little information founder Zheng Zhaohui, will be a little information equivalent to the news client is not accurate: "a bit of information, is based on the mobile terminal, the search engine into the recommendation engine in the engine, is a combination of search and personalized recommendation."

key point is to seize the Internet information content of the long tail". What is the "long tail"?

long tail theory is a theory of the rise of the Internet Age:

1 commodity storage and distribution of the venue and channels are wide enough;

2 production cost is very low, so that individuals can be produced;

3 the cost of goods sold is very low, so that individuals can sell;

as long as the above three points, almost any seemingly seemingly very low demand products, as long as there are sold, people will buy. These needs and sales of products are not high share of the market share, even larger than the market share of mainstream products.

to determine whether a "content export" good or bad, is not its popular information search results, but the popular information acquisition. The search popular information search engine, web portal, navigation in the moment, the results showed similar, but when the search popular information, the emergence of differentiation.

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