Love travel founder oral cheap outbound travel how half a month revenue 6 million

love travel network was formally established in July last year, after the establishment of the angel investment to get 5 million, the beginning of love travel also accepted the bitcoin richest man Li Xiaolai hundreds of bitcoins investment, valuation of millions.

love to travel from the start of the WeChat public platform, as a result of the discount + time limit as the flow entrance, and to provide users with a range of peripheral services. Founder Yuan Wei from the age of 17 to enter the tourism industry, CTO is the founder of a thousand mission team, the two line from the line + line with the team in the rapid expansion of the.

Yuan Wei believes that the essence of tourism is the service, and how to provide users with better, more attentive service, is the future direction of love travel. February half a month, love travel income has reached about 6000000 yuan.

outbound electricity providers how to make sure to make money in the case of low discounts, love travel founder Yuan Wei brought his share.

following love travel network founder Yuan Wei oral:

I am 17 years old in the tourism industry, tourism has been in the field of circulation, I have done all the work done, basically: Sales Manager and department manager, opened a shop in 2009, I founded the landscape travel network, but when the team is very small, when the number is 5.

positioning special + outbound travel

founded love travel is actually an accident brought about by the idea. In 2012, when I was doing landscape travel network, a customer in Ji’nan to go to Maldives, I remember very clearly that the list price is 15800 yuan. The first day of the afternoon three points, we do a routine visit to the customer service, the customer said his wife was sick, temporary can not go, see if you can not retire. The supplier’s request is to put the customer’s list before 5:30 p.m., and I’m sure I can’t go back, because the second day is gone. So I was in the micro-blog sent a message, said there is such a thing, we can see how much money from the news release to the list of sold, separated only for an hour, the last is 3000 dollars a single sold, sold a total of 6000 dollars. At that time I was only a few hundred micro-blog fans, forwarding volume of more than 2 thousand.

I was like

, it is very conducive to the spread of, that I can not be in the above point effort, to dig it? Although it may not be able to make a lot of money, but for the website to introduce traffic is very helpful, but later we have indeed confirmed this point.

then 2012 I spent half a year to study the supply chain, found that this thing really have a brilliant future: travel is concerned, every day they can update about forty or fifty single, a single product with our daily sale of products to do, as a form of independence. We call this kind of business special mode. The end of a single source of many, such as we predicted that March would be a season, then some airlines attendance it may not.

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