99% may apply to GG advertising process with a lot of people is used to make money

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page is used to introduce how to apply Google (GG) Adsnse ads help file, hope that the majority of owners do not cheat, maintain a clean environment. Now the formal channels for GG advertising has been very difficult, so we should cherish this opportunity. Don’t cheat. Don’t use the software, it will definitely be K. Well not much to say, start the first step:.


second step: point " Sign Up"         this time the page jumps to figure 2

Please fill in the chart on the

according to the accurate description of the scarlet letter:
username to fill in the user name, such as rabbit
email and confirm />password
last; filling; name is a surname, for example your name is " Wang Kangmei " and then there is " Wang"
Enter; filling; text above fill in the check symbol, such as " 6K7V"

right, at & quot; Start Now "    !, to map 3


As shown in figure

, in " Do you already have a; Google Adsense " account? " No",

as above, this page is used to recommend friends to join this activity, in the form of email address fill in the emai> you want to recommend friends to join

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