How to get out of their own characteristics Taobao customers

The Taobao

customers, from last year everyone has been touted Wangzhuan, don’t know what attracted the eyes of many people, seeing others earned a bulging pockets, many owners are unable to calm, have come forward to join in. Do not know, do just know this line of the road difficult to walk, of course, there are a lot of "success", but behind their success is how sad, you have known!


with the guest team continue to grow, the competition is more and more big, a lot of people say that Taobao customer is difficult to do, but I found that, although difficult, but there are still many people still insist to do, even from scratch, which is why? The reason lies in the potential of this line. I think as long as Taobao does not fall, such a platform will not collapse. So it will lead to more and more people join and insist on doing it.

is now Taobao guest website is almost same, basically frame structure are the same, and Baidu is relatively sharp, adjust the algorithm continuously, and sometimes more or less some station K. The online shopping card and raise a Babel of criticism of some time ago downtown, seemingly did not disappear completely true, a lot of friends should be aware of Amoy, Amoy income recently we constantly decline. Now the Tao is not sad!

facing all sorts of difficulties and hardships, we can still stay in the same way, must go to innovation. Here we talk about as a guest of Taobao how to innovate.

first, the choice of the site, out of their own characteristics

is now the guest website is basically the same, back and forth are so few in the template to change and improve the users for the site to see the open several are similar, this time the user will send the website directly into the trash list to go?! Therefore, the choice of the site must be innovative, to make their own characteristics. For example, you can add some new columns in the home page, hot news, health knowledge, skin care, shopping skills, etc., in order to enrich the content of your site.

two, the choice of keywords, empathy

" ladies", "home", shopping "these words Baidu index is quite high, people will do is if you go beyond count, follow the trend, I think this is jumping into the fiery pit, these words are so big for our competitiveness, what must be to fight against such fierce competition in the key word, everything should be to do. We can tap some of these keywords from the long tail to do, to know that the site’s traffic is 80% from the long tail keywords, the flow of the main keywords only about the proportion of about 20%. And search the long tail keyword user goals will be more clear. So why can’t we just think about the other way around?.

three, promotion mode

promotion method >

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