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Hello everyone!

The origin of

century anniversary of the lunar new year — to create maximum returns online:

3D is the "origin" massively multiplayer online role-playing game, will bring you into a new era of survival of the fittest survival of the fittest in natural selection. Human biological variation, hidden forces and other various forces to the most basic survival rights of a desperate struggle. I can’t predict the ending…… But you can!

audit mode: manual audit (Alexa quarterly average of less than 100W within the site)

put the media: recommended music, movies, entertainment, traffic, the site of a large literature!

Commission: 2.5-3 yuan / active

daily effective activation of less than 50, the Commission is: 2.5 yuan / valid registration

daily activation of more than 50 (including 50), the Commission is: $3 / effective registration

active data:

Registered users of

through cooperation platform advertising brings, need to install the origin of the game, registered as game users, and at least one login, login definition for gamers to build game characters and enter the game for a successful login.

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