Make money online novice manual Wangzhuan fangpian code

Recently, people often cheated on the forum, and I was repeatedly cheated, heavy losses. To sum up, for many reasons, including a lack of experience is also a very important reason, we will write down their own experience, I hope you read this article, warning.

1 don’t talk to strangers. A true story, once I wandered around in GPF, suddenly someone PM me, and I want to use MB for eg. I think, anyway, not much, the exchange ratio is also more appropriate, change it, think about foreigners are generally very honest, so I did not consider, first sent to him 20eg. The results, not only did not receive his MB, but on the second day he received "why not confirm whether his eg" questioned, he said his GPF account, those posts and PM are not his hair! Kuangyun: (((so, unless we are very confident, and try not to stranger to do business. We should consider the forum with good reputation, or to several exchange center accepted (a Sichuan gold exchange). Although less money, but for a long time, we have worked hard to Wangzhuan money, safety should be put in the first place. – this experience with 20eg exchange.

2 can never pick sesame lost watermelon. If one day, someone told you: you give me a watermelon, tomorrow I will give you a watermelon plus a sesame seed (or even a watermelon). You’d better consider, he tells you what to give you neither relative nor friend, these benefits may? But the weakness of human nature, often so that we do not see this, we only see those easily blinded by lust for money! You can get benefits. Okay, you’re ready to lose your watermelon. You don’t think about sesame. – this experience in the loss of hundreds of knives, only to realize.

3 play the game, you have to understand the rules. We all know that PP is going back, because PP is the protection of the interests of buyers, within 30 days, if the seller does not ship, or the goods in question, the buyer can make a refund, it is often for a liar use he sent you PP, you paid RMB, a few days later, he went to back to PP, you will suffer the loss. MB, you know, he also has a similar function, Escrow (receive the good you purchase before payment is released), is about the meaning of the receipt of the goods, the buyer payment can be real confirmation, otherwise within 14 days he can pay cancel. If you do not understand the rules, that other people’s PP, MB has come to my account, I will pay it. Well, this time it’s you. The experience of loss has been saved, but still lost 10 yuan bank fee, can eat dumplings.

4 it is not too late. Once you feel cheated, do not worry, contact with each other in a timely manner, perhaps the other side is not a liar, just a temporary negligence caused by the

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