The smaller the theme the higher the site user viscosity

More and more websites, want to do portal is more and more difficult. Many companies invest a lot of money and manpower to create new portals,

but always came back.

Internet has more and more enterprises and Internet companies will network positioning in a very small area, often can obtain the best user viscosity,

the largest market share of a field.

360 security guards, based on a small security software. To the Qihoo has brought endless flow, and quickly in the network of red

become each computer are guardians of love,

flashget is a small acceleration software, can become the most downloaded software. The necessary tools for each computer

61flash is also based on a children’s flash website, quickly do the top 3 children’s Web site.I also do an experiment:

nearly million users IP, did not spend time in the above, if the interaction with the user. Add some dream and constellation platform.This flow is very easy to do

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