May earn tens of thousands of Taobao passengers Amoy friends proposal

Taobao to restart the national Taobao off, how to deal with the small and medium Taobao customers to make tens of thousands of people to make friends on the recommendation of Taobao

before entering the topic, talk to you first two things you may not know

a, how to identify what essence is the official soft Wen

1 is the time, the emergence of such articles are often a lot of time on the forum.

2 is observed, like an article is about to do mobile phone recharge cards can earn thousands, if you observe carefully you will find this a mobile phone recharge at most only tens of dollars, in addition there is a search box with earn thousands of dollars, I also tested, found that if a website not at least hundreds of thousands of flow is unlikely to do that, if you do only a website, you know.

such as the nature of the essence of the paste, we can refer to, but do not believe, because you do not have that strong flow of payment is not done.

two, is the problem of computing data error

there was a time I carefully observed, the calculation of the data error problem is indeed very much, I am now on several pages every day at least in more than ten pages, it is impossible to calculate this account every day, but after I observed a week or so, the income data is much less and occasionally give you much fewer pages friends can pay more attention, after all, money is not easy, many pages that would not work, instead of spending time count this account, not flowery this time to think about how to promote, even if the money donated disaster.

the following into the subject:

had a lot of things I don’t want to say what, muffled earn my money is good, but with the resumption of national policy Amoy, last year there have been, the result was unanimous opposition, because it was dark wings are not long and hard, but in the majority of small and medium-sized Amoy propaganda, plus with many large websites, now Amoy wings began long hard, and finally restart the national Amoy policy. It makes me realize between small and medium-sized Amoy and Taobao wind irreconcilable contradiction: hope that the people of Amoy, to maximize their own interests, while the majority of small guest wanted a low-key on-line, so to maximize their own interests, such contradictions, the contradiction with the ruling class and the ruled class, can not be reconciled, there is a conflict of interest.

the most fundamental

on launched nationwide Amoy first step, please see the following posts:

How can

have thousands of Taobao customers? Http://—-21287733-.htm

as a small guest how to deal with


so we have to analyze the guest as buyers, sellers, and Amoy this Quartet interests. >

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