19 9 yuan investment in the field of micro entrepreneurs to help graduates

June 2014, Brazil World Cup ignited the infinite passion national fans, and the arrival of the graduation season has 7 million 270 thousand domestic graduates fell dejected. The reason is because fell dejected, not only to endure endless parting sorrow, but also faces enormous pressure on employment.

is facing the severe employment situation, in order to avoid getting involved in the tide of graduate unemployment, most graduates are busy looking for a quiet day can barely work neatly or work overtime day and night. Of course, there are also a considerable part of the graduates to choose their own businesses, and the domain name investment because of the low cost (e.g. domestic domain registrar joint top of the world.Cn domain name domain name registration www.72e.net/domain/ only 19.9 yuan), high return characteristics become graduates of micro entrepreneurs preferred.

according to the industry, whether it is reading age will come into contact with the domain name industry, or just after graduation or graduation began a few years investment domain, as investment behavior under the trend of informatization development, the domestic trade is still in the initial stage, the future will be more and more people into the field. Below, the actual situation of graduates with small investment domain understanding generally less and the graduates more creative for many graduates recommend a tailor-made domain name investment — creative domain investment.

creative domain investment, obviously, creativity is the core. But want to invest quickly through creative domain name to bring considerable benefits, in addition to writing a core accident, but also need to do the following:

1, do the most simple ideas. That is to say, not to use the public acceptance of a powerful and unconstrained style, fashion, in the popular mind to ideas, such as the front of the 61 to BBS, SNS, blog and other common types of websites on the Internet, some understanding of the people will know you have this refers to children’s classes, community forum or blog. If you blindly do self creative, out of things often only you understand others rather baffling words, your creativity will forever remain in your world.

2, creativity comes from practice. Bird me, although this sentence grammatical errors, but it comes from practice, because this sentence is consistent with the Chinese sentences, in Colleges and universities is quite popular, and even some students become the pet phrase, so registered as domain names, understand a little English Chinese can guess is "bird" meaning it is creative, rather than stealing public ideas, such as domain name creative mass base, so people will love.

3, for your tailor-made creative domain name of a website, careful management, enrich the content, in time, the website and domain name for sale. – this is a recipe for success for a lot of people, and for those who don’t have creative domains.

4, actively write some will not cause too much resentment of the soft Wen, the domain name for publicity, gradually let everyone accept your thinking. — >

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