Taobao guest promotion let me daily income 100 500 yuan

remember that I was about 24 in February to start the site, the beginning of what will not, what space, domain names, and some other professional terminology a do not understand, after a period of 2 weeks of learning to set up a complete set of. Under the statement: we want to make use of the search engine ah, will not go to the search engine to check the next thing, take some time to learn, you will understand, do not meet what to ask. Ha ha)

real investment promotion or around March 5th, because it was the site for the record down (I was not afraid of the record success white promotion), first I collected some promotional materials on the Internet, what method to promote the 100 ah, SEO website optimization, collected a lot of related anyway ", in many ways, I only several.

1, I first used the Baidu space, then existing accounts have changed some contents, make your own website and relevant content, and every day to send a post, post the contents of the best indicate your website address. So hold on for almost a month, space flow line, Baidu also included a lot of articles.

2, I went to the station is second to the end of the world, made a few posts, the text is not much, but the original, so the moderator didn’t delete posts, the popularity is flourishing, the end of the post after dozens of people to click on the.

3, third station, A5 (2nd notes: and Sina community, also made a few posts, there is a link: Taobao (, ha ha, then I went to each big search engine submission included, when I heard that Baidu not included Tao guest kind of site, check every day included the situation, as long as the confiscation when repeated submission, those due in large forum made a paste, then, Baidu, GG, YH included this site, I was lucky to feel included faster. Find Links do not have to be small, many new sites to find some Links, go to the Links exchange website, bold to ask others not exchange, but you must first do the best courtesy to others, and then find someone else to do, I do. In general, such as: crazy shopping guide website has been good for your site links, please stand for me to help you stand a good link. ), is to optimize the website links to some website optimization skills, I would not say, then I also added some more open-minded exchange group, exchange of experience, more modestly asked (2 added: in the search engine can’t tell you when to ask).

anyway, I do it, the key is to adhere to, stick to my Baidu space, Sina every day, Tianya, Ali Mama, some local posts, almost a month, have such a harvest, as long as you work hard, I believe God will help you. Now I open Taobao every day for me to bring the income of 100-500 yuan, but still trying my goal is the daily income of thousands of Oh ^-^.

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