Which website is suitable for Google Advertising Google skills

1, the rational layout of the image site, so that readers can easily click

2, fiction station, the reason: the site is more than the old browser users, the basic will not generate clicks, advertising content and the content of the site visitors do not match.
novel website available in the text, or flip, increase the click rate of novel website PV is the highest
3, the reason music station: copyright, advertising can not match.
technique is in the information or music related local increase in advertising banners.
4, movie station, reason: ibid.
5, beauty gossip entertainment station, the reason: GGAD vulgar advertising is relatively small or not, the price is too low (for a little more than four degrees).
6, flash station, reason: advertising can not match.

suitable for GGAD station:
1, computer professional and technical station, such as specialized to do Linux, database, server, network equipment and other stations, high CTR, high unit price.
2, a variety of industry stations, such as hardware, agriculture, steel, construction and other stations.

3, women stand: including but not limited to clothing, cosmetics, fashion, beauty etc..

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