Talking about how to choose the appropriate advertising alliance

can we apply the word did not come home from work, the brain has a problem, that is the grassroots webmaster do not make money, the brain has a problem, as a grassroots webmaster do light if there is no way to rely on interest will drive down the most lasting website, the key is to have the power to make money, now do the most effective the most direct way to make money is to do advertising to earn advertising fees, but now domestic advertising has reached more than 1000, originally this for our webmaster grassroots is a good thing, so in the home advertising inside to find a high price, but also does not deduct the amount of advertising that is not good hair, but the ideal is full, that is very skinny, seemingly very good advertising alliance maybe when you’re about to apply for payment to you to let you, the sky Sigh, and cheated, so for the majority of grassroots Adsense to choose a good advertising alliance has no time to delay, let the author with his own experience to give you a reference!

: in the preparation of advertising alliance when everyone will think of advertising evaluation look online, but in the advertising alliance evaluation online advertising alliance is a lot of top yourself is to boast, are all for the sake of large home owners, as long as choose me, certainly will bring you returns, wait until after the grassroots temptation registered often will become another face, also some advertising evaluation web will not provide the perfect evaluation system, many have adopted similar comments, let everybody anonymous evaluation, as long as you pay the advertising fee, then you can get better the position in the online evaluation, so that the advertising alliance evaluation web review results we can only make reference, also like the front of the top section of their own Advertising alliance that must not be able to do!

two: use the search engine to see what you want to do advertising there is no problem, you have to do is input box advertising name in the search engine, then add the liar two words, you see some comments, and the general advertising alliance with friction owners would bring their own use experience in writing, of course there are some malicious competitors hired gunmen to discredit each other, so for these views also have their own judgment, if it is one-sided situation, then the advertising alliance is certainly not to be able to do


three: see how the alliance advertising service efficiency, general advertising alliance will provide landline phone, you can call their customer service phone to try them at the corresponding time, look at those twenty-four hours of advertising is not really able to do, perhaps these advertising is in accordance with the eight hour, and are arranged in the day shift, night shift for no arrangements, but for a part of many grassroots webmaster have love work at night, so the advertising alliance can arrange the personnel on duty in the evening, said that these advertising alliance is worth about


four: look at how the degree of innovation of the advertising alliance, the site will consider the customer experience that.

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