Web page browsing quantity statistical index real meaning

In the analysis of website traffic statistics, the number of page views (or download page number, page display number) is an essential index, the actual work on the comparative analysis of this index often appear some confusing place, therefore the analysis of the relevant problems in the study of website traffic statistics, it is necessary to the number of web browsing is really meaningful to do some discussion.

here?? the first of these two indicators explain:

?? the number of page views (page views): the number of page views all visitors in a certain period of statistics. If a visitor visits the same page three times, the number of web pages is counted as three. The number of page views is often used as the main indicator of website traffic statistics. However, the number of page views itself also has a lot of questions, because a page may contain information that is very different, a simple page may have only a few lines of text, or just a user login box, and a complex page may contain dozens of pictures and some ten screen text, the same the number of page content, often in different sites, it depends on the designer’s preferences and other factors. For example, a 6000 word article on the Sina website, usually on a single page, and in some professional website probably need 5 pages for users, access to the same information, website statistics report sina.com.cn recorded in the number of page views is 1, while the other site is 5. The author also introduces the terms commonly used in the network advertisement, because the page browsing does not actually accurate measurement, so now IAB recommended by the closest web browsing is the concept of "page" glossary. No matter how it is called, in fact, it is difficult to obtain a uniform standard, so the page browsing index on the same site to assess the value of, and in the comparison between different sites will be greatly reduced persuasion.

?? each visitor number of page views (Page Views per user): This is an average, which is in a certain period of time all the number of page views and all visitors to the result of the division, which is a user browsing the web page number. This indicator shows the extent to which visitors are interested in the content of the web site or product information, which is often said to be "sticky"". For example, if the majority of visitors to the page number is only a web page, indicating that the user is obviously not much interest in the site, such visitors usually do not become valuable users. It should be noted that, due to various web design principles, the number of page views of the definition is not uniform, will also cause the number of page views each visitor index in different sites between the low ratio of.

?? despite the statistical index definition can not be unified, but in the website statistics still had to use these related indicators. Generally referred to as "web traffic" usually refers to a web page browsing number, such as ALEXA global web site ranking system of comprehensive ranking, is based on the number of independent users and each site.

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