Teach you how to choose advertising alliance and tie in website advertisement

China advertising alliance, SP alliance in the early stages of the crackdown began, has died a large. The advertising alliance for adult products also subsequently closed some of China’s websites in the country under the so-called vulgar one fall.

2005-2008SP advertising alliance prevailed, to the rest of today is the world of online game advertising and corporate information. For the click through rate, we can imagine, as a webmaster is no longer a few thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars, and now perhaps the majority of owners earn hundreds of months. Garbage station has fallen a lot, the formal station slowly presented, perhaps the country is a good thing, although the content of repeated many, but to improve the level of the webmaster is also a good opportunity.

in the fight against the situation, the webmaster should choose what advertising? Many webmaster are blind, and now China’s advertising alliance really gives people a dazzling feeling, but it is very consistent. Now is the "hot game era, see a lot of advertising, are fundamental to the game of pop, pop can be said to occupy a large level, but it is influence the website user experience of web games, click on the ads also accounted for a lot of. Now there are a lot of alliances or health care products advertising, but no one would like to put, we also know vulgar. Now there are still a lot of space is not allowed to put beauty like figure, a little leak will close space. So I mind if you don’t try


said a lot of good to ask, what advertising can do? You can try CPA, for example, speed download, download a 4 cents, though not much, but better than a day on more than a few piece of that tragic situation strong? There is a Taobao Amoy into some similar fashion websites can do this now, too many advertisers deduction amount is quite serious, only a few good union also left before the reputation is good, I do not recommend any alliance, because now the alliance does not deduct the amount not. To click on ads is important to the selection and constant test site in different positions have different effects, traffic conversion rate can try advertising management system like carousel, carousel, the way to teach the degree to the owners to bring greater profits. Click on the type of advertising recommendation: Taobao – Google Alliance – Baidu theme promotion, with each other, CPA registered ads only promote registration and download friends, after all, so as to attract people.

everyone according to their personal situation first ad test, it is not bad money one day, advertising position change, see the effect, this is the most important. This article comes from www.le998.cn author

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