On the legitimate custom Google AdSense search union code

latest news, Google AdSense search alliance revised on-line. The new version of the search union code can customize the frame style, the number of keywords, keywords, etc.. Figure AdSense generated code behind the effect of automatic setting slightly:


(vertical effect diagram)


(banner renderings)

In addition to

can be customized to search the length and height of the box, search button above or below. Background also provides the number of keywords to display options. Keyword can be displayed or not displayed; and the number of 0-20. That is up to 20 key words. At the same time, the color and style of key links can be customized. One of the most important is: keyword source can choose popular keywords.


keyword link displays will be popular keywords, through practice, usually some recruitment, ticket booking etc. this bidding Google keyword in the search, you did not have any relationship with the theme of the site.

reminiscent of a lot of time ago in order to customize the search engine to modify the code finally led to the closure of the account, it is a pity. Although the current background function, but also with the prevailing code effect there is a gap, but it is clear that this is quite good.

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