What role does venture capital play in the venture capital

population accounted for only 0.2% of the total population of the world, it was the birth of a 162 Nobel laureates, Nobel prize accounted for 1/5 of the total; 40% of GDP from exports, including information and communication technology accounted for 30% of total exports, technology contribution rate of GDP reached more than 90%; in the number of NASDAQ listed companies, all over Europe in 2012, the level of growth in total; the amount of financing of high-tech industry up to 34% years, about 10% of the high-tech enterprises every year in 2015 the successful financing of the industry’s annual financing amount is up to nearly $4 billion 500 million.

behind a series of figures, it is the surge of innovation and entrepreneurship in Israel boom. As Buffett said, if you come to the Middle East to find oil, please do not stay in israel. But if you look for your mind, your energy and your integrity, Israel is your only destination.

affected by geopolitical factors, in the context of instability in neighboring countries, the biggest feature of the Israeli start-up company is the beginning of the business to be good for the global market, attracting overseas capital." Gu Kewen, author of the Israeli Valley, said that as the founder of Catalyst- Everbright fund and Cukierman investment group, Gu Kewen has been involved in the Israeli science and technology, manufacturing and medical investment.


data source: IVC Research Center

Privatization of

venture capital fund

Gu Kewen appears in the high-tech industry is a mainstay of economic growth of Israel, Israel technology as the common language to communicate with other countries, the national level will start complete plans to attract venture capital, founder of the national science and technology incubator to help entrepreneurs turn ideas into products.

in Silicon Valley, thanks to the development of high-tech investment banks and developed four private investment market, compared to the U.S. financial industry development, the history of Israel’s venture capital is not long. Since the 80s of last century due to geopolitical unrest and other factors, the government implemented financial regulation, until after the 90s, Israel’s political and security environment improved, venture capital has been rapid development.

for the development of domestic venture capital industry, in 1993 the Israeli government launched the YOZMA program, mainly for the existing business in the process of entrepreneurial enterprises financing channels and shortage of entrepreneurial companies lack of complementary assets and skills such as systemic risk.

was founded in 1992, the government invested $100 million to set up a wholly state-owned company, on the basis of the establishment of the establishment of a number of subsidiaries and the introduction of foreign capital. According to Gu Kewen introduction, in general, a $20 million fund which holds a 40% stake in the European and American investors holding $60%.

in order to encourage investment, the Israeli government has promised not to interfere with the operation of the fund, which is decided by the private venture capitalists. If the investment is beneficial, the government will sell the shares at the original price

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