How to open a beauty salon campaign

how to open a beauty salon


when we are faced with more and more beauty salons market competition, we have to find our own beauty salon management skills! From the beauty salon opening activities began, we must learn to campaign, so that their own beauty salon quickly get reputation and reputation.

here, Xiaobian share with you to open a beauty salon in the end how to campaign



first, have a good grasp of the new beauty salons publicity campaign of the time, usually in the beauty salon for the first half of the month opened around, not just sending leaflets, can also carry out publicity through various media channels, whether it is WeChat, micro-blog, Baidu Post Bar circle of friends, or what the blog.

of course, we can also choose media means to promote –

In fact,

is now so many people take the subway every day on the subway, there are still a lot of people reading newspapers. In fact, it is our beauty salon in the selection of a good way of publicity channels. However, no matter how we want to convey to consumers how a specific message, first of all we have to predict the spread of its.

when we were in the time of propaganda for the beauty salon, we are more in the form of advertising to carry out. The release time, location and effectiveness of the ads are mutually restricted, to want to do such a thing, we should know what we do this process is


campaign is

who said that?

after all, not all people are our beauty salon consumers, so we are targeted to do publicity. Our beauty salon has its own positioning, our target customers are what we should be the most clear.

they probably is a kind of consumption level and consumption ability? They have what kind of income? All about target customer groups, we have to be clear in the analysis of publicity before

!Our campaign

what to say?

in fact, we do not need to be too complicated propaganda too comprehensive, simple point, we can do to attract customers. For example, when we create in beauty salons of propaganda, we only need a simple salons opening time and opening content, beauty salons, projects, concessions and other activities that is good, we highlight the characteristics of beauty salons on OK.


campaign where


is the best choice to compare the effectiveness of the European propaganda daily newspaper or TV, it is better to compare the kind of popular media channels, can quickly move the effect of publicity. At this time our propaganda is to fight the creativity and simplicity.


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