Silicon Valley mysterious start up financing 500 million valuation of 20 billion

[Abstract]Palantir business model is mysterious, its software can be used to fight against terrorism and financial crimes.


technology news in June 24th, according to news aggregator BuzzFeed quoted sources reported that Silicon Valley data analysis software startup Palantir is up to $500 million financing scale, the valuation has reached $20 billion.

has become one of the world’s most valuable startups by managing data for government agencies and Wall Street banks, the Palantir said.

Palantir at the end of last year has just completed a round of financing valuation of $15 billion.

is the size of a new round of financing reflects investors optimistic about the future development of Palantir.

Palantir can be called a mysterious start-up, the outside world is very little about its business model, only to understand its data processing software can be used to combat terrorists and criminals arrested in the financial sector.

, however, it seems that investors do not care about the mystery of Palantir, according to an investor, said the company in the first quarter of this year, the pace of development impressive. According to sources close to Palantir, the company currently has more than $1 billion in cash in the bank.

has a close relationship with the government, and Palantir has links with some of Silicon Valley’s heavyweights. The co-founder of Palantir including the famous venture capitalist Peter · Till (Peter Thiel) and venture capital institutions Formation 8 partner Joe · Lance DELL (Joe Lonsdale), the early investors and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A)’s venture capital company In-Q-Tel.

if the valuation reached $20 billion, Palantir will become the United States of America’s third most valuable startups. Currently, the valuation of the taxi application Uber is said to have reached $50 billion, while online housing short rental website Airbnb is seeking a new round of valuation of $24 billion in financing.

by Alex · (Alex Karp) served as CEO’s Palantir is currently attracting heavyweight clients from a number of areas, covering the financial, energy, health care and the U.S. government. Last year, the New York Times reported that the company helped J.P. Morgan identify fraud and help candy makers (Hershey’s) gain more profits.

up to now, Palantir spokesman has not yet commented on financing. (Eru)

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