Entrepreneurs fail to teach you the lesson of blood 90 is not suitable for O2O


text / Yang Zhenkai

"Oh Oh convex" is when the input method Lenovo out my typing, watching funny don’t want to change, as the name suggests is a very popular O2O mobile internet.

to introduce myself, my name is Yang Zhenkai, WeChat public platform mobile phone version "from the media manager App" is our team, our App users are B users, so what I do is 2B products (note not "two force"), the amount of App users at around 400 thousand, at the end of last year take a IDG round of capital investment, the next round of financing under negotiation… Well, after blowing this leather I seem more comfortable, we have officially entered the following.

caught up with the O2O craze

In fact, before the

App venture (1 years ago), O2O is very hot, I also experienced two O2O campus entrepreneurship, started together to do campus information and friends App, wanted to put all the lines under the posters, clubs, schools and so on are all moved to notice App. Go, but due to various community activities to collect information is very difficult to get the user line under the high cost (the highest possible a user costs up to 10 yuan), but we can’t find a better way, only money, this is too silly, I cannot bear

big money, local press

and I started to shift the direction of the campus O2O takeaway ordering platform, "the little prince was born, when hungry is not the price war, the school is also very traditional takeaway telephone ordering, we learn from the last experience as App, this time to do is to develop WeChat the public number, the user can not download the App will be able to ordering, which makes the cost of users instantly reduced a lot," the little prince is very fire away "was the main point of the class class meal, eat directly, students are very love. The highest, nearly half of the students in the university are using our platform meal, but in the extended multi university when we met hungry subsidies, local competition and so on difficult issues, so "take out the little prince" is not sustained.

Why did


these two failed O2O entrepreneurial experience, I began to have a great fear of O2O, I began to reflect on why I can not do O2O, in the end what is the problem?

before I understand this question, I’d like to talk about my personal understanding of O2O.

why O2O will fire

?The information asymmetry

O2O hot and past commercial society is inseparable from the past, people know that the high cost of information transfer is not timely, with high cost, buy sell fine, the information asymmetry created numerous commercial value in the Internet, which is a part of the Taobao C2C subversion, >

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