She is 22 years old start empty handed venture now worth millions is one of the richest women in t

Abstract: in order to create a global service provider, the 44 year old Zhou Qunfei redefined the China female entrepreneurs start empty-handed (which is very rare in business). According to the Forbes survey, Japan is not a separate start empty-handed billionaire. In the United States and Europe, the wealth of most of the hundreds of millions of female billionaires inherited from heritage.

Zhou Qunfei is one of the world’s richest women start empty-handed. She founded the blue sky technology, in addition to a $27 million property in Hongkong. She flew to Silicon Valley and Seoul to meet with executives of apple and Samsung (her two biggest clients) to seek their support. When Chinese President Xi Jinping visited her company headquarters, she also received the president.

but she looks the most comfortable, or when walking, in her home in the most advanced factory tinkering.


Zhou Qunfei is taking the media to visit her company Technology Technology (Lens), the company’s business scale to reach billions of dollars, belongs to China’s push high-end technology industry.

her hands in the sink, look at the temperature is just right; complex reason she can be explained by potassium salt bath to heat the glass; after a grinder, she would call the mechanic to stand aside, let her on behalf of the operation for a while.

will use a drill in the week. She worked in a factory for a long time as a girl in a poor village in Central China, the best job she could find.

"sometimes she would sit down, like an operator as the research process is what mistakes," a general manager James Zhao blue Synopsys said, "then I will be very embarrassed. If you have a problem, she says, ‘why didn’t you find out?’


Zhou Qunfei is a worker’s work permit. As a child, in order to obtain food and money, she was home in duck pig.

Zhou Qun will own practical knowledge into a world class, a multibillion dollar company, a Chinese pushing high-end industry leading enterprises. Blue Synopsys is now one of the major suppliers of the glass cover, the cover glass is widely used in portable computer, tablet computer and mobile devices, including Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. This year, her factory is expected to produce more than one billion glass screens, each of which is a fraction of a millimeter thick.

"the industry needs highly sophisticated technology," said Stone Technology, an analyst at research firm IHS Wu. "If you have a ruler, please measure how thin it is 0.5 mm

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