HUAWE Microsoft Sina Sheng Daxi

as the saying goes, there are places where there are rivers and lakes, there are rivers and lakes where there are factions. This article is a summary of the 2015 IT orange HUAWEI, Sina, Microsoft, Shanda faction entrepreneurial companies list, after their own experience out of business has become a trend, let’s see what are known.

let’s take a look at the second army: HUAWEI, Microsoft, Sina and shanda.

IT orange database statistics, the four factions of the entrepreneurs to track the number of entrepreneurs in between 150-200, the Microsoft 195 is the most output entrepreneurs most foreign companies, but in 2015 the emergence of new entrepreneurs less. HUAWEI and Sina compared to last year’s inventory, ranking in the rankings are significantly improved. Finally, the grand relative least, there are 151 entrepreneurs. From the beginning of the grand innovation hospital group in the industry, has cultivated a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs, they are now scattered in the Internet business in this arena, and from time to time has dealings. Today, with the grand group slowly driven by industrial investment driven transformation, I believe there will be a number of outstanding entrepreneurs will slowly surfaced.

specific circumstances, we look at the new HUAWEI in 2015, Microsoft, Sina and the grand Department of entrepreneurs list.





note: this inventory data is mainly based on IT oranges from the public, partners and their own channels to obtain information, if there is missing, we are welcome to provide suggestions for improvement and data supplement.

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