Pleasant loan CEO side to Han P2P does not tolerate entrepreneurial failure

[Abstract] to Han believes that P2P is not suitable for pure business, because P2P is responsible for the lender.



technology news (Han Yimin) January 16th, geeks Park Innovation Conference (GIF2016) to continue, CEO pleasant credit side to Han "how to do meaningful for white-collar service?" the theme of the speech.

Fang Yihan believes that with stable income, white-collar workers have credit consciousness, the pursuit of high-quality life, focusing on user experience and other characteristics, but white-collar credit limit is not high, which provides opportunities for the development of pleasant credit. Over the past two years, with the help of a network of white-collar consumer behavior, the establishment of a credit system, aimed at white-collar crowd to do more innovation.

although pleasant loan has not been listed in the United States in recent years, but Fang Han believes that P2P is not suitable for pure business, because P2P is responsible for the lender.


is P2P platform, the lender’s funds are likely to suffer, so I think it is very responsible, have a sense of awe for the financial industry."

below for the party to Han speech excerpts:

what are the characteristics of white-collar crowd


white-collar population in general is a stable income, have a good sense of credit, there is a wealth of Internet behavior. Like everyone here with a lot of online shopping, will use the network to check the phone bill, credit card bills, are through the network to manage daily life, daily consumption records. As Hu Yue said with a map and so on, they will be in the online department action footprint.

white-collar also has a characteristic, they pursue the high quality life. For example, want to buy a car, want to have their own house, the decoration may also have more taste. They enjoy a higher education to find a better job, they want to travel abroad, may be a family to travel, etc..

At the same time

white-collar should pay attention to the user experience, for example, many white-collar workers love with Apple’s mobile phone, even inside the company clerk will use the latest iPhone6S, or to speak Luo total hammer mobile phone, but also more feelings, is the user experience better mobile phone.

this is our opportunity here, because in fact, white-collar workers are not easy to get what they need to have a quality of life, there are things that users experience the funds needed. Generally you say is not a credit card, but these white-collar workers, especially the two or three line of the city’s white-collar workers, their credit card limit is only 5000 or 8000, they need to decorate the house 8 to 100 thousand of the cost, they need to buy the first payment, the amount of credit card is not covered. To the bank to apply for a loan, you may need to prepare a lot of materials, but also get credit report, the bank may not be able to give you the final loan.

how to use data to help white-collar release credit value?

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