Thinking Jia Junpeng your mother calls you home for dinner

reference to a number of celebrity blog, for the definition of soft, we first with the knowledge, as the name implies, is generally soft text advertising by the enterprise marketing personnel or advertising copywriter personnel responsible for writing "". The soft, subtle is that a "soft" word, it is the pursuit of a silent, salutary influence of education communication effect. If the advertising is hard WaiGu Shaolin Kung Fu; so, soft Wen is Wudang Killing with Kindness, a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance, act tough and talk soft internally and externally, is the most powerful marketing tool.

say XXX wrote an article, originally speaking is a very interesting thing, but not clear is not appreciate his article is in the promotion of something, such as a person, a website, a commodity, may also be a kind of thought. For businesses, some of their own need for publicity or advertising of goods, people and events actively exposed to newspapers, magazines and other print media to get certain popularity through the soft Wen, these are some effective methods to achieve the effect you want. But how do you improve his exposure,


for the audience, general articles they are obscure, especially now the network world, now with the concept of Nothing is too strange., thinking has changed, unlike the previous hearing where the unrest, we will talk about it, but now? Nothing, so the first step to get your article small is your title, recall to the recently popular in the network card " Jia Junpeng; your mother calling you home for dinner, " this post has no content, only a RT, meaning such as the title, even in just one day to create a number of replies to 7 million 100 thousand hits and 300 thousand, because it is in a a post of Post Bar, is considered to have water paste, but I do not think so, the title of the post is very vivid, and he turned out time is accurate enough in live. These days, there are many addicts looking forward to the arrival of Warcraft world of Warcraft, this is the second step we speak of published time, the third step we should pay attention to the post in the post, if the other Post Bar, for example in the construction site posts may not be such a good result!

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