Where is the point of site traffic analysis

site traffic is an index to evaluate the success or failure of the site, like the general store business model, we can understand customer attributes and preferences from the trend of store traffic and behavior, and then adjust the goods supply and display. The same is true of websites. Website traffic analysis is very important, especially for SEO and online promotion activities.

believes that webmasters have used traffic statistics tools. But have we studied these data seriously? There are also many important information in the data on the website, which can help us understand the advantages and disadvantages of the website in its structure, content, source and marketing.

experts see doorways, laymen watch


has the statistics tool, we can know the data of the website. But this is basically not much significance, because it is only a simple record you browse the website of IP and PV, even if your site every day have a very high view does not represent this website is very popular, or you can make money. So study the following points of your website traffic.

1., where did you get traffic from your website? Which one brings the most visitors?

2.. What keywords do these flows come through?.

3. which region has the most visitors,


4. how many people just happened to pass by and looked at the homepage and left right away?

5. how many people are interested in some of the content on your site?.

6. for no flow of web pages, whether or not open?. Or very annoying.


has studied the data, you’ll know the disadvantages of the site. So as to the operation of your website, and website promotion, advertising and so on to make the most accurate judgment. I’m afraid most people pay attention to the traffic of the website, but ignore the important meaning hidden behind other data. As Matt Johnson puts it, "you can’t understand the flow of people on the site. It’s like navigating in the fog. You don’t know what’s going on, and you don’t know your goals or directions in the future.". Pay attention to e-commerce eczn.com

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