Retail stores can be favorable to win customers

although retail stores often do is a few scattered business, however, if you can seize the big customers, which will naturally be very favorable for the development of the store. And any enterprise or institution to carry out a number of commodity purchases every year, especially in the daily business dealings, commodity procurement is a work to be carried out.

but from the enterprise perspective, they are the spirit of "nearby, fast, high quality low price and applicable to the principle of procurement in current commodity procurement, from this point, the location of the shop is very important. Many enterprises in the procurement, the city will choose some of the nearest shop, because it can not only improve the efficiency, but also reduce the cost of a certain amount of expenditure.

my shop is located in the center of the city, surrounded by more than a dozen large enterprises. Although my business scale is not very big, but very popular with these large customers, at present I have developed more than and 10 major customers, their annual purchase of the total amount of more than $three hundred thousand. The reason why there is such a good income, which is the main reason for the location of the shop is more appropriate, they are very convenient in the procurement of goods, but also very fast.

remember that once, a buyer of a company to my shop to buy goods, he asked the price of the goods after leaving the shop. At that time, I think, is not the people of my commodity prices high, so go to other stores to buy. Who knows, after a dozen minutes later, the buyer came to my shop. He told me that he really thought of other stores to understand the price situation, but who knows halfway to the traffic jam.

because it is not the main road of the city, so there is no red light on the road, there is no traffic police, blocking for a long time and there is no movement. In order not to affect the work, he quickly turned back to my shop. After the purchase of goods, we have left contact. Now, the company is one of my biggest clients.

in general, my shop has been able to attract large customers, mainly due to the appropriate location of the store, which is taking advantage of the geographical advantage. I have a friend, his shop was originally located in the city of a main road, but there are no large enterprises and institutions. In order to improve the level of profitability, he simply moved the store to an industrial zone, the results are very optimistic about the business situation. Of course, I am not saying that in order to attract large customers, retail customers will be relocated to the location of a friend.

but at least said, if your store location is not very appropriate, business is not good, then you need to consider this problem, there is a saying goes: move trees die, people move to live, maybe a new location is a new life. If your shop location is more appropriate, superior, and there are many enterprises around, then you should make full use of this

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