Japan and South Korea Department of cuisine brands in how to join the food

in Japanese and Korean seafood dishes, Xiaobian strongly recommend to you hanasaki seafood, so for such a popular restaurant brand, how can investors miss it, here Xiaobian to introduce hanasaki cuisine procedure:

1, understanding consulting

investors on the Internet to understand the details of the flower dishes to join, or directly call the headquarters to join the telephone consultation.

2, determine the operating market

flower is suitable for investors to invest, not only depends on the brand itself, but also depends on the local market is suitable for the brand. Therefore, before joining, investors do the best market research to understand the local market situation, determine the feasibility of joining.

3, fill in the application form

OK to join, it is necessary to fill in the application form, until the headquarters through the audit, it is necessary to discuss the contract with the headquarters of the commissioner.

4, officially signed

according to market research and their own situation, and ultimately determine the size of the investment and the way to join the formal signing of the franchise contract.

5, shops confirmed

determine the location, area, under the guidance of the headquarters, the final location of the program to determine.

6, shop decoration

confirmed after the store, the headquarters issued a renovation program, the franchisee shop decoration.

7, personnel training

franchisees need to be sent to headquarters for training, the cost borne by the franchisee.

8, guide opening

headquarters to develop business plan to help the grand opening of the store.

9, opening ceremony

operation there is no problem, just waiting for the opening day on time in accordance with the planning process to complete before the opening ceremony can be


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