How to improve the level of tax administration in Zigong

in social life, there are a lot of people to create a lot of wealth, in accordance with the relevant provisions, is to pay a certain amount of tax. However, due to the tax system is not perfect, resulting in a lot of people have an opportunity, often tax evasion phenomenon. So, how to improve the level of tax in Zigong?

(1) full and full withholding withholding management. To strengthen the strength of the withholding declaration management personnel, through the performance appraisal to expand the electronic payment of wages and salaries of the details of the reporting coverage and reporting rate.

(2) to enhance the annual income of more than 120 thousand of the quality of their own declaration. To strengthen the supervision of high income people, relying on the "golden three" management system, organize selected the key declaration management object, by telephone, tax agent under way reminded taxpayers to timely reporting, to declare the number of steady growth.

(3) pay close attention to the transfer of equity tax professional management. Cooperation with the business sector, based on the assessment of corporate income tax on equity transfer and non monetary assets to assess foreign investment, plug the loopholes in the collection.

(4) enhanced data acquisition and analysis. The use of data for a monthly tax analysis, to enhance the scientific nature of tax management. 1 – April, the city’s personal income tax system tax collection storage of 136 million yuan, an increase of 13.63%, a record high.

reported by the above we can see that the Zigong to raise the tax level, taken 4 measures include: strengthening the withholding declaration management, enhance the annual income of more than 120 thousand self declaration, pay close attention to the quality and efficiency of the equity transfer tax professional management, strengthen the information data collection, hope to implement these in the future measures to achieve remarkable results.

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