How to investigate a franchise company

now, although there are a lot of investors are aware of the need to seriously study to join the brand, however, the end from which aspect, what kind of joining the company and is worthy of our trust, these are uncertain factors. So, how to investigate a company?

1, there is no system management model

this standard is not universal, because not every company when you begin to understand the relevant information to show you, more companies will then pay the cost in you before putting them into your hands.

and the criterion for the newcomer seems a bit empty, because you just entered this industry, you are looking at the face of the so-called management mode, you do not know what it is not, no reason to question something else.

2, how many stores have been

this is a very important point! In the understanding of each other after joining the fee, you have to ask how many stores have been operating in the!

but! Must not only judge the strength of the brand from the number! To know that even Kentucky Fried Chicken, but also from the first to start, at that time only one of the KFC will not have the strength of it? In fact, many good brands have just started, there are only two stores, and even the existence of financial difficulties. Use the right logic to think about the problem, not to judge by appearances, it will only make it easy for you to ignore some of the just started and actually very good brand.

asked each other how many physical stores, in fact, is not the number, because they are big numbers, in fact, have nothing to do with their future turnover. We just want to know, where the store opened in what position, how profitable. Then according to the information they provide, as far as possible to go to the nearest city, see the franchisee.

believe that this has joined the store owner will be able to give you a lot more realistic situation and problems, and share with you some of the experience of the shop. If you don’t want to tell zhizhiwuwu headquarters of this information, do not want you to know, that there must be a problem.

can also search through the QQ group to find, for there is not a brand to join, join them, ask some more, you can also join the future and learn a lot of things in this circle!

there is a detail, is the need to understand the Canadian Union has been operating hours. You are in the city, there must be some sudden appearance of a sudden and unexpected sudden disappearance of shops. >

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