Wandering in the door is to continue or turn back

2015, to carry out a country with vigour and vitality to "public entrepreneurship, innovation" as the theme of the management activities. A lot of people into the entrepreneurial army, began to struggle for their own. However, behind the passion, countless entrepreneurs tangled and wandering.

"scenes of the opening of the drum, one after another ending elegy, now have gone with the wind, only the gentle sigh in my heart." Several years later, when 80 entrepreneurs look back again the public business in 2015, will also start work by Feng Xiaogang issued "a sigh" the feeling?

2015, a large number of 80 people in the workplace to quit the job, join the public business, the flow of the time — the innovation "they want financial freedom, more eager to achieve; they may shed sweat, without fear of winter capital; or they own, or join the entrepreneurial team; some of them failed some successful financing in high and vigorous spirits. Return to the workplace…… Although their entrepreneurial path is different, but they want to go further.

entrepreneurs "winter fireplace"

"the call up a few students to stone party, one has not seen the next contact feelings, two is all calm down to talk about the market, inspired by the idea of." Born in 1981, Li Nan said, although in 2015 is considered the most successful year of their own business, but he felt a never confused.

and other "has just passed the line of life and death" entrepreneurs like Li Nan, is currently facing the trouble is, together with his entrepreneurial team to keep up the pace of development of the company. If the early start of the business, a long board will be able to fight a battle, but into the flat flight period, any short board may be related to the company’s life and death.

The development of

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