Henan how to invest in corporate risk investigation

in the process of economic development, although many enterprises to create a huge value, but because some enterprises exist fluky psychology in the market environment, fund raising illegal and unreasonable financial behavior, given the market environment caused a certain degree of damage! So, how to invest in Henan enterprises risk investigation? Below we understand.

6 7, 2009, the provincial development and Reform Commission announced that the province will invest in corporate risk investigation, effectively prevent the fight against illegal fund-raising and illegal financing of investment enterprises and other acts.

of the investment enterprise risk investigation activities for a period of 1 months, will be beyond the scope of the business enterprise, the enterprise and the financial transaction account reports or letters reflect the situation of enterprises to focus on the investigation, and investment enterprises registered in the business sector of the province name one by one to identify the actual situation until control. The risk of every investment enterprises so far.

in accordance with the "one policy", the risk problems found in the investigation: for the timely processing of contact, no business activities, beyond the scope of business enterprises, transfer of disposal by the Department of industry and Commerce in accordance with the law; the scope of business enterprises, such as the Internet in financial activities, the transfer of the business sector should be specified to circumvent; supervision of enterprises, to timely disclosure of information by the supervision department website disclosure risk; for alleged illegal fund-raising enterprises, should be promptly reported to the government and to the public security department to assist the clues, risk mitigation work.

it is understood that, based on the risk of investigation, the province will support a number of key enterprises bigger and stronger, and the introduction of perfect policy, promote the Henan multi-layer capital market system, improve equity investment enterprises and venture capital exit mechanism.

on the basis of economic development, we still can not give up the effective regulation of the market environment. Timely and effective to the relevant illegal enterprises to make relevant adjustments, in order to make our economic development more smoothly!

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