Ye Bin to pave the way for the ecological farm with Roasted Goose

with the development of economy, the majority of entrepreneurs are facing more and more peer competition. Do not take a special marketing practices it is difficult to stand out in a peer, get consumers favor. Jiangxi youth home business Ye Bin will combine with their own Roasted Goose ecological farm, create their own brand Roasted Goose, won the new competition in the market.

"this year I set out for dinner. Nearly 400 copies of Roasted Goose!" The day before, Jiangxi Keyuan Wanzai County farm founder Ye Bin said happily. During the Spring Festival, his Roasted Goose museum every day there are several tables, ordering Roasted Goose customers through the network is a lot more.

2012 returned to his hometown in Guangdong, Wanzai business Ye Bin, in a chat with old classmates to do the germination of the idea of ecological farm. Soon, Ye Bin and several partners rented 1000 acres of land, the founder of Jiangxi Keyuan agricultural development limited company, in the original ecological farm backyard chickens, geese and fish etc.. After a period of time, a few of the partners Ye Bin found a large investment in the original ecosystem, the market supply and demand is not stable, the rate of return is not high, they have gradually retreated. Ye Bin did not give up, but in the marketing of agricultural products and expand the market to do articles.

2015 in the second half of the year, Ye Bin spent a large amount of money to hire a Guangdong chef, and managed to shipped from Dongguan litchi trees, Wanzai Industrial Park opened a Roasted Goose Museum, Guangdong launched delicious – litchi Roasted Goose, named "best products Roasted Goose", and through various media especially the Internet, will be gradually Roasted Goose brand market. Today, this dish has become the experience of the museum’s specialty, specialty dishes.

"Ruyi a Roasted Goose" made the people of his hometown favorite brand, is the vision of Ye Bin. Ye Bin said: "now some WeChat public number or in the circle of friends to share my Roasted Goose. Admiring friends say that as long as the Wanzai time and place, we’ll cooked goose and door-to-door, let Roasted Goose achieve "private custom"".

by the development of electronic commerce in the East, the new year, Ye Bin will make full use of electronic business platform, WeChat circle, circle of friends and social groups WeChat public number, sales promotion and development of his Roasted Goose, membership, expand sales customization influence, this year plans to complete the twenty thousand sales target Roasted Goose. At the same time, to expand the market, the Roasted Goose Museum from Wanzai expanded to Yichun city center, strive for more fans and members of Roasted Goose effort to build the whole industry chain, let Yichun people eat delicious Guangdong in my hometown.

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