1% life explosion of red Chen Anni offer 900 million yuan dream only harvest 3% support

grass root no counter attack, but the consumption of grass root red people counter attack; adhere to the dream did not succeed, but the consumer dream big V who succeeded. Because of the latter, more understanding of the nature of business.


due to 1% of life and burst red Chen Anni, once again boarded the micro-blog hot list.

that "I’m sorry, I only have 1% life" marketing, let her become a hot figure, indeed a 1% life in the entrepreneurial leap China, less than 1% of the entrepreneurs can be pursued by investors like her.

with the dream for App to win the amount of downloads, but also because of the dream two words harvest a variety of reputation, as well as contacts and money, such as a domestic top VC, on her favor.

look at the amount of financing three comics, entertainment is not convenient to disclose, but Chen Anni has worked in Zhejiang TV a pioneering program, open to the "dream" offers, sold $20% of equity financing 30 million. Although only in the TV show figures, of which there are many entertainment means, but Chen Anni refused to offer a firm offer.

, however, after six months, "great Anne" and her comic book, suffered an unprecedented crisis. This time, she won the support of only 3%, while the problem of complex and severe degree, probably less than 3% of the entrepreneurs will have the meeting.


quick look comic pay tax storm

simply review the incident.

the first round, look at cartoons on the popular works "unrequited love big fight" the author @ Youmi eat pot package of meat, look to deceive the author questioned, 9 months has not been able to get a tax to the state, suspected of tax evasion.

Second rounds of

, look at the official posted regulations, called "fast comics in tax issues [] no illegal behavior", and "the Youmi @ legal proceedings, it wants the court to meet".

Third rounds of

, Youmi responded, "my side is ready to sue you for libel, and hands when we met to talk about the recording, is your tears tell me that you are wrong, and I forgive. The recording also said that work can give you the agent, is your promise and then deny in succession. Now you do it, well, I’m recording." Also said to have commissioned a professional lawyer, his energy into the creation of.

Fourth rounds of

, fast comics platform and some other authors to look at Chen Anni and questioned for Youmi. For example, the winner of this year’s Golden Dragon Award for the best drama comic bronze me "brother" take the author @ ghost – Steamed Buns said, @ great Anne you called me yesterday said it will admit his fault, let me delete forwarding micro-blog. Don’t promise me that you will apologize to all authors

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