Shenzhen attracts a lot of young people in Hongkong to innovation and Entrepreneurship


Chinese, has been carried out in management activities, and will double the wind to Hongkong, but in Hongkong the entrepreneurial atmosphere is not strong. According to the survey, Shenzhen innovation and entrepreneurship environment is very popular among young people in Hongkong, many young people choose to come to Shenzhen to carry out entrepreneurship development in Hongkong.

to Lin Shicong’s Qianhai Shenzhen youth dream factory as an example, last year ‘s December opening of the dream factory has introduced a year in Qianhai, Xinjiang, IDH Tak Technology Exhibition, YBHK Valley, Xianfeng Huaxing Hongkong and Shenzhen SME incubation center, Hongkong Internet association more than 40 professional incubator, introduction the entrepreneurial team of over one hundred, the Hongkong team accounted for a total of more than 50%.

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