After the start empty handed rich mainly to do T companies are headquartered in the eastern coastal

as the Millennium providers, Guangzhou has the country’s best professional wholesale market, but the development of electricity providers in Guangzhou than in Hangzhou and other places to be relatively lagging, has been the lack of the corresponding electricity supplier giant.


recently, the Hurun Research Institute released in Shanghai "2015 Hurun Report", list shows that there are 56 80 entrepreneurs boarded the Hurun Report this year. 16 of them start empty-handed, 2 times in 2014, is engaged in IT industry. There is no "90" start empty-handed rich list.

Then these 80

start empty-handed rich mainly in what city? List shows, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen four city is concentrated in the main, as first-tier cities of Guangzhou is not only better than the other three first-tier cities, behind the second tier cities in Hangzhou.

80’s start empty-handed mainly to do IT

UAV manufacturer Creative Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Xinjiang Xinjiang) founder Wang Tao, 22 billion to become the richest wealth "80" start empty-handed regal. The 35 year old Wang Tao is Hangzhou, 2003 from the East China Normal University School of Hong Kong University Science & Technology to read electronic and computer engineering department. In 2005, he and two students began to study unmanned flight technology, after more than half a year of trial with a breakthrough, the success of the aircraft to take off.

the following year, he and his friends to raise HK $2 million was set up in Shenzhen Xinjiang innovation company. By the end of 2012, Xinjiang launched a micro integrated machine PHANTOM, marketing the world.

in February this year, star Wang Feng proposed to Zhang Ziyi in the video, a drone carrying ring flying over, but accidentally let the big fire in xinjiang. At this point, the Xinjiang UAV market share in the global market has reached 70%, far more than the United States and other competitors.

in third Lynch is Zhejiang Wenzhou people, born in November 1981, is currently serving as the tour family network chairman and chief executive officer, at the same time the tour family pictures chairman.

in the second half of 2013, the storm swept through the capital market, making rich myth staged frequently. Under this background, family travel network also to backdoor plum umbrella (002174.SZ), and officially listed in June 2014, became the first game of A shares on the main board stock.

in the 16 start empty-handed "80" the rich, in addition to basketball superstar Yao Ming, a chain of ah chairman Ye Guofu and Wang Tao and so few people, other people in the IT industry, mainly concentrated in the online games and the electricity supplier in the field.

in this regard, Guangdong Province Academy of Social Sciences, business management and Decision Science Institute, ordinary analysis of the "First Financial Daily", to go to the Internet to become rich, must rely on the Internet is a new technology, which is the high-tech industry in the new electronic information industry. Secondly, there must be following >

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