The first anniversary of rural Taobao online shopping into a daily business market

rural Taobao has been settled in many rural areas in China, and achieved certain results. The success of the pilot to promote the promotion of rural Taobao has been put on the official agenda, Fujian rural Taobao to improve the lives of the people, but also took the opportunity to start a business.

in December 20th last year, Fujian province’s first Alibaba "the village of a thousand million rural Taobao project (hereinafter referred to as the" village of Amoy ") in Youxi county to start. Over the past year, the Provincial Department of commerce under the impetus of this project has been a rapid start prairie 730 counties in the province of the village of 17. Among them, Youxi, Changting and other 10 counties were selected into the national e-commerce demonstration counties in rural areas, Longyan has become the country’s first village Amoy full coverage of prefecture level city. Not long ago, in the first village Amoy double 11 period, the province’s villages are the highest in the country’s purchase volume.

in the "village Amoy" project driven "online shopping" has become an important means of villagers purchasing production and living materials, a large number of rural youth home business, to become the village Amoy partner, rural residents of our province electricity supplier awareness is becoming more and more mature, the rural logistics system to improve the business, expanding territory, a intelligent rural economic ecosystem is taking shape.

online buy buy buy into the daily

"double 11" this year, Youxi County Tang Chuan Xiang Village Street Amoy service station a new thing, the villagers panic buying Cadillac car orders!

East Village town of Datong

the changes in consumer habits, from the beginning of online shopping trash. The original village is street trash bucket, the village dogs for food often knocked over the trash, the urgent need to replace large trash. To this end, Zhong Yanhai to the village committee suggested online shopping trash, the reason is "the village far from the city, online shopping convenient and affordable, without boduantui selection, to the city transportation". After the village committee finalized, the first batch of 16 new trash will soon be sent to the village, cleaning effect immediately, the last hundred villages in the trash all through online shopping for new.

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