Suzhou property market transaction prices plummeted is true

as the saying goes: "there is heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou" as China’s Suzhou Jiangnan, both scenic and economic development, has maintained a good momentum, so a lot of people want to settle down. The industry pointed out that the average price of Wujiang district is 11 thousand / square meters, in October 7th the region accounted for more than 90% of the city’s Suzhou. October 4th, Suzhou overweight purchase, cancel the purchase of two suites before the foreigner qualifications, but also for the purchase of local residents in Suzhou residents, air conditioning can be described as quite large.

in the industry view, the hot Suzhou property market will thus significantly cool. The fact seems to be true, according to the October 9th report, during the National Day holiday, a total turnover of 2249 sets of commercial housing in Suzhou, compared with the same period last year rose by 70%. Prices, according to data provided by the Suzhou municipal housing and Construction Bureau, the average price has been 22 thousand yuan / square meter in October 2nd dropped to about 13 thousand yuan / square meter around 6."

fell from 22 thousand yuan to $13 thousand, just a few days time the average price of the property market in Suzhou fell by 40%, the purchase of the effect seems to be immediate. But the fact may not be so simple, in the volume rose 70% in the case, the average price has fallen sharply, which shows a strange. After the daily economic news reporter visited the scene found that the main city of Suzhou, a large number of popular real estate prices did not appear to fall.

addition, Wujiang District, Suzhou property market as a depression, the current average price of only 11 thousand yuan / square meter. During the National Day holiday, the volume of housing in the region has been enlarged. Especially in October 7th, its turnover accounted for about 90% of the city. According to the reporter visited the site, as well as the observation of the Suzhou housing authority data map, found that the National Day holiday Suzhou housing average price of 13 thousand yuan / square meter is also on this day. Since Suzhou began to carry out October 1st price filing system, part of the main city of Suzhou high level event failed to pass the record, not for sale, so that the main city of Suzhou property market turnover decreased greatly during the National Day holiday.

Suzhou industry: house prices fell

recently, the Suzhou property market once again become a hot spot of public opinion.

9 23 onwards, Suzhou prices, housing construction sector for the masses to reflect the strong problem of illegal sales of commercial housing attack, joint commercial housing special inspection. October 8th, Suzhou Price Bureau, said that after nearly half a month of commercial housing special inspection. At present, the price of housing and other departments have jointly identified 22 alleged cover plate reluctant sellers, the price tag is not the price tag, the element is not complete, the label content is not updated in a timely manner the issue of illegal housing prices. Another 3 companies were criticized by the State Ministry of housing.

In addition to this, according to

reported on October 9th that recommended

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