Why can’t Chinese theme restaurant franchise survive long

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in the pursuit of characteristics of catering industry trend, want to attract customers, from the beginning of 2013, a special restaurant, theme restaurant swept the country, "80" restaurant, "theme" and "toilet" restaurant…… A variety of theme restaurants endless time, only a few mainstream business circles in Beijing, the theme of the restaurant is not less than ten. And into the second half of 2014, the theme of the restaurant began to perform a flash in the pan, the story of some places where the theme of the restaurant is closed overnight. Why such a good theme restaurant, life is so short?

theme restaurant, it is playing a concept, its theme is not really attract customers. You do nostalgia to make money, I also do nostalgia to make money. When the "8 yuan" by the media exposure, the country has at least not less than 500 theme restaurants are the main theme of "80 nostalgia", business dishes are spicy, even some stores in Beijing and 8 Yuan decoration are the same. The industry is so popular plagiarism, but the pursuit of surface Kung Fu, ignoring the quality of food as a restaurant really want to pay attention to, and do the cultural foundation of the theme restaurant. Therefore, the theme of the restaurant is more than a flash in the pan, it is difficult to maintain long-term.

for the most extreme example, Malatang although originated in Sichuan, now swept the country, but not necessarily the "80" they love eating spicy, with several main "80 nostalgia" theme of Guangzhou restaurant sales are spicy, because the taste does not accord with the local people of Guangzhou habits, which are combined with the content of nostalgia copy Beijing, the lack of Guangzhou local flavor, failed.

two conditions: the pursuit of the tall, rent to let your life

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