Shop location analysis to teach you how to shop

In fact,

can often be seen in life, there are many people in the process, some successful, some failed at the same time, one of the important reasons, is actually the location, then, on the related techniques of shop location, you have


Values Survey

analysis of traffic and geographical conditionsAn important reason for the convenience of traffic is

select the address to consider, convenient traffic, such as close to the station, wharf, and the bus stop. Because of these lots of pedestrians and more traffic, with the value of the store. The corners of an intersection, the highways, good location, high visibility is also set up shop in the middle of the road but in some areas there is a very long central to the belt or railing, limit the pedestrians and vehicles crossing, it will affect the value of set up shop.

in the shop, the location is a critical factor, as an owner, if you also want to successfully shop, will need to be located under the foot, only do site work, to be able to open a shop to make money.


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