Female white collar financial management from less than a thousand dollars a month to have millions

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female white-collar financial management: monthly salary of less than 1000 yuan to have millions of real estate, really let me a little shocked, I used to think small white-collar work without money, see others work to learn financial management, can live a wonderful life, let me have more confidence! Listen to someone else’s financial story!

my own only 6000, is saved and saved the year-end bonus, I want to give up this opportunity at that time. After a few days to think about a month to increase the income of more than and 400 why give up. I borrowed money everywhere, to a few students borrowed 6000, looking for my brother borrowed by the parents, I did not speak out because they have to spend a lot of money for us to read a few books 3000. The day of interest was 1 and a half years ago, because of the merger. At that time, in order to borrow money, I am very provincial every month, and other units of the 15 thousand back, I have also put the students brother’s money is over. I buy clothes and shoes are discounted.

The main mode of financial management

in 2003 after my finances have changed. At that time my salary is more than and 800, of course, there are bonuses or something. About 1400 of the income a month. Can not rely solely on wages to buy a house. At that time the price is 1500–2000>

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