Electricity supplier is not purely online sales cabinets enterprises need to get out of the wrong

Internet era, the electricity supplier model is widely used, a lot of cabinet companies are also on the line of combining the line. However, the cabinet enterprise needs to know some misunderstandings, not blindly follow the trend of expansion, according to the needs of the consumers to subdivide the market, constantly optimize their products, pay attention to the consumer experience, in order to successfully achieve the transformation and upgrading through the internet.

With the rise of "

leveraging "Internet plus"  

Chinese cabinet industry pattern remodeling;

in Chinese to accelerate the transformation of the pace of manufacturing, the cabinet industry is also facing the development bottleneck, many Cabinet Companies in crisis, on the verge of collapse. So far, the transformation and upgrading of the cabinets enterprises should not only focus on the implementation of the machine substitutions, in the end of manufacturing automation production, should think how to improve the efficiency of collaborative design, production, sales, logistics and so the whole process and the whole industry chain, improve the enterprises in the "rapid response capability Internet plus" market environment.


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