Friends of Hongda LED lamps which have advantages of joining

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LED friends of Hongda lamps? Successful entrepreneurship project. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial choice of innovative brand to join the choice of the project, is very has the advantage of choice. Join friends of Hongda LED lamp? In 2017 the good quality of entrepreneurship projects, you do not echocardiography? So, join the friends of Hongda LED lamp project, which has joined the advantage?

1, energy saving: under the premise of the same illuminance, compared with the conventional solar energy saving up to 80%. Affordable, maintenance free.

2, green environmental protection: LED fluorescent lamp does not contain lead, mercury and other harmful substances, is the real environmental protection products.

3, ultra long life: LED the actual life of more than 100 thousand hours, for a few times or even ten times the general light source.

4, no ray: unlike other light containing ultraviolet and infrared, no mercury LED fluorescent light, no ultraviolet beam does not attract mosquitoes, can make the environment more clean and comfortable, in addition, for shopping malls can prevent commodity fade.

5, no noise: LED fluorescent lamp does not use ballast, fundamentally eliminate the annoying buzz sound.

6, solid luminescence: good seismic performance, strong safety and reliability.

7, no strobe: LED is a solid light source, coupled with constant current drive, eliminating the traditional lamp stroboscopic phenomenon in the work place will not make the eye fatigue, swelling, can effectively protect the vision.

8, the direction of light: LED has a strong luminous direction, high luminous flux utilization, and small size, easy to LED lighting design and control of light intensity distribution.

9, the power supply: LED DC low voltage power supply, AC power supply, can also be combined with solar perfect, such as landscape lighting or street lamp can use wireless energy on earth by solar energy, integrated circuit convert light energy into electrical energy, give play to the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving lamps LED.

10, high color rendering: LED fluorescent color rendering index of more than 85, close to the sun, the maximum reduction of the true color of the object.

11, fast start: not limited by the start temperature, can be a transient start, generally a few MS and transient to achieve flux output.

12, rich colors: make use of the advantages of LED rich colors to produce a variety of color lamps, for the special needs of the place, universal

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