Be careful when agents are reasonable and legitimate to Mongolia

is now a lot of people want to join the way to start, there are a lot of successful people, but in some of you join, do not know the small trap, in this small series, I conducted a small simple summary, tell us about these small trap!

if you encounter a similar situation as above, suggest that the majority of investors to carefully understand the situation.

A, a well-known brand licensing each have is whether the agency, and there is no down agent permissions;

two, the brand is in the market for their product sales were limited, if not, it can register a store, not from the so-called agents that purchase wholesale, guaranteed supply is really


to easily understand the above information, to see online or directly call the brand’s headquarters will be clear. Of course, there are also written in the wrong place, in short, to remind everyone that the investment is to look more and more to listen to more questions, more cautious start.

join is not a trivial matter, we must be careful, I wish you a smooth start, refueling!

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