Entrepreneurship platform and employment base recently built in Chifeng

Build a

platform and some social entrepreneurship employment base, it is especially important for the business activities of the whole society, especially in today’s society is in a period of entrepreneurship, build entrepreneurial platform more and more also plays a very important role.

8 28, Chifeng Kaiyuan Agel Ecommerce Ltd and the Jiangsu Wuxi booking treasure company held the first phase of e-commerce training and cooperation signing ceremony, marking the Chifeng city’s largest e-commerce business incubator park officially started.

by appointment of treasure company cooperation with Jiangsu and Wuxi, both in the financing, technology, personnel and other aspects of the powerful combination of complementary advantages, from the management concept, advanced management mode of business enterprise, expand business, promote the transformation and upgrading, to build a business platform for entrepreneurship and employment base of small and micro enterprises and individuals.


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