College students dream of watermelon seed

students have in fact not surprising, in a few years ago we may hear students to college students when the village of pig, like feel fantastic, but when they saw the huge achievements when they are on business, today we say is entrepreneurial story, they buy their own seed watermelon.

Wang Zhong, Yang Sujing is a college classmate, the standard 90, learning is a landscape engineering technology, after graduating from college in July 2012, began to find suitable land for seedling cultivation. After about 3 months, two people in October 2012 from the Zichuan Economic Development Zone Jia Village 17 farmers to lease 22 acres of land, built in northern Sichuan golden clove seedlings base. Up to now, have been planted Jinyuan clove, Syringa reticulata, red wood, northeast sea cucumber, columnar apple seedlings more than 40 thousand, a total investment of 100 thousand yuan, two people began the entrepreneurial dream.

was one of only 32 square meters of board room, a partition will be divided into North and south two, south of the north is the kitchen, living room and bedroom; some random scattered in the living room of the stool, a small round table, old sofa, a two meters long a cloth wardrobe and Zhang Muchuang, this is Wang Zhong Yang Sujing, all two people living and office property.

Wang Zhong was born in 1991, Yang Sujing was born in 1990, two people met and fell in love at the university. After graduation, Yang Sujing, who lives in Qingdao with her boyfriend came to Zibo to work in the employment of Wang Zhong. The first meeting, the two also slightly nervous and shy, but seldom entering the community frivolous, there is a less consistent with the age of mature and steady. In fact, nothing, just want to do, even if it does not matter." Wang Zhong said.

it is understood that after graduating from college in 2012, two, Wang Zhongxian is a company engaged in the management of nursery stock in Zhangdian, while in the design of a company engaged in graphic design in. The work is either to sit on the Internet Office, or is in the nursery management garden wood, and sometimes travel to various parts of the tree species, just began to pay about 1200 yuan per month." Wang Zhong said. In contrast, Yang Sujing’s work to be more comfortable, I am sitting in front of the computer every day to engage in the design, not tired, can earn more than 2000 yuan a month." Yang Sujing said.


talked about the initiation of the idea to start a company, Wang Zhong said: "when a colleague reminded me that we wanted to build a partnership with the nursery, but I do, but he is still in the original work." With this idea, Wang Zhong immediately told Yang Sujing. In support of her boyfriend, Yang Sujing quit his job to start a business with Wang Zhong.

2012 in October, after 3 months of field visits, Wang Zhongcong Zichuan Economic Development Zone, Jia Village in the hands of the farmers to recommend 17

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