n 2016 the VC industry has become the Red Sea investment overall stabilization

Greater China famous venture capital and private equity research institutions Zero2IPO Research Center recently released data show that in 2016 China venture investment fund market is very active, raising a total amount of a new record high, large amount of fund-raising events occurred frequently, raising the average amount reached the highest point in history. Clear through the group’s private fund-raising statistics, 2016, Chinese and foreign venture capital institutions to raise new 636 to invest in Chinese mainland funds, 545 funds to raise the amount of the added amount of capital disclosure may invest in China, for 358 billion 194 million yuan, the average single fund to raise the scale of up to 674 million yuan; investment on 2016, China venture capital market a total of 3683 cases of investment, up slightly by 6.9%, the disclosure of the amount of the 3419 investment transactions involving a total amount of 131 billion 257 million yuan, only 1 billion 923 million yuan more than in 2015, the average investment amounted to 38 million 390 thousand and 400 yuan; exit, in 2016 there were 2001 pen VC out of the deal, the new board the listing is the most important way to exit, during a total of 1230 pens, accounting for up to 61.5% IPO; and the equity transfer exit were ranked No. Two and third, respectively, the occurrence of the pen and the 223 pen 277.

VC fund-raising market is active, the average size of fund-raising record high

2016 China venture capital market fund raising at a high level, the number of fund-raising and fund-raising amount of the fund has reached a record high. In 2016, foreign venture capital institutions to raise 636 new branches to invest in Chinese mainland fund, up slightly by 6.5%; 545 fund raising the size of the new capital was known to be invested in the mainland Chinese was 358 billion 194 million yuan, an increase of 79.4%; in 2016 the average fund raising the scale of 674 million yuan, the average amount raised to the highest point in history. In 2016 Chinese raising venture capital market is very active, large amounts of funds frequently set up, such as Chinese Guoxin holding limited liability company, Chinese Postal Savings Bank of Limited by Share Ltd, China Co truction Bank Corp, Shenzhen Investment Holdings Company Limited jointly set up investment fund Chinese of state-owned capital, the total size of the fund is as high as 200 billion goals.


from the fund currency, venture capital market in 2016 Chinese to raise the number of RMB funds, is still active, a total of 596 new raised funds accounted for about 93.7% of the number of the new fund; foreign currency funds raised only 40, accounting for only 6.3%. The amount raised, 2016 China raised funds to complete the venture capital market reached 358 billion 194 million yuan, of which, RMB funds reached 288 billion 805 million yuan, accounting for 80.6%; foreign currency fund raising a total amount of 69 billion 389 million yuan, accounting for 19.4%. Average >

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