Today you help friends pick what the strange phenomenon of the nternet China

The origin of the

story, a statement from the point of information, the title is called "rumors and discredit didn’t stop the pace of information".


The story is about

, Friday information with OPPO reached a major strategic cooperation, the core is about the following two points: one is the OPPO line of not less than 100 million units in the mobile phone with a little information on App; two is the OPPO browser will also work with little information on the content, brand, flow output and cooperation.

but a sound cooperation has not yet eliminated, a group of discredit and mouthing the cooperation information in online social media, from the media, and the quiz, information to confirm the tone said, this is when the OPPO disk access man millet, millet mobile phone on the news of the day has been a live friends beyond, millet and little information cooperation is facing to rupture, OPPO now just in disk access, conclude a little uncertain information and so on.

in this context, a little information released "rumors and discredit didn’t stop the pace of information" the statement.

similar things in the domestic Internet market has become the norm.

for example, buy the industry, information classification industry, online travel industry have shown you how to attack the friends of this skill. Of course, there are various sectors of the industry play.

For example,

help friends of the third party monitoring data fraud, help supervision organization experience of friends detection of users, help investors on business property and so on dimensions, fully display the help of a friend’s fault, improve product quality of the friends of the business spirit — it has become one of the essential skills China Internet community.

often see some Internet companies in some screenshots of the media group, "defense", "war" and so the words frequently exposed, every mouth of the friends of the business at the moment is to be born to tear enemies, ironically, is often not long ago, these bosses are all the meeting on the promotion of the development of cooperation with the friends to build ecological ideal.

Lu Xun wrote under the pen of Chinese nature, one of which is called "snobbishness", probably means people do things because the result oriented, decided the outcome of the evaluation of the world, so in order to win, then use unscrupulous divisive tactics. In the world of the Internet, it seems appropriate.

In addition to human

, causes due to changes in the industry of anxiety may also help friends taking these Internet companies use unscrupulous divisive tactics criticism.

for the Internet industry, the entrance is life. The change of each entrance, accompanied by a large number of industry legitimate or unfair competition.

in the PC era, we can see 360 and Tencent in order to compete for the entrance caused by the 3Q war.

with the advent of the mobile Internet era, A>

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