Hebi people need to put together the rotten poop costs continue to start

when people buy a house, but also let people Zaoxin encounter unfinished building. Hebi Jin Lan more than 1000 owners of the first phase, in the face of uncompleted residential real estate for two years. Because of lack of capital real estate project stalled, thousands of owners according to agreement signed a formal purchase contract, real estate does not cover up the deficit, but for the owners of "self", the remaining supporting fees, parking all paid.

2012 in March, the group Huayun Shoufu 150 thousand yuan to buy a Jin Lan international residential real estate, has been in the past 5 years, the house has not been completed. Today, the body of uncompleted residential flats, the office of the Yangtze River to meet the owners of the house, parking spaces, basement, supporting fees are paid ‘self-help’, it is difficult to accept." Speaking of this, Wang sister a stomach grievances and helpless. In March 2012, sister Wang signed a purchase agreement in February 2015 to replace the formal commercial housing sales contracts, the contract marked the launch date for the end of March 2016.

"developers no one accountable, but requires owners of voluntary self-help in the Yangtze River Road office Qibin District of Hebi City, the meeting, if the owners do not pay will be recovered, and the houses for sale, this is simply the terms of overlord." Some owners questioned.

Wang, according to the introduction, before buying a house at the site in particular, the progress was determined to buy, the purchase of the building has been built 5, but who can think of June will be suspended. "We have a whole part of the owners to buy a house, or even supporting fees, parking fees are paid, if the developers really can guarantee, office owners will be supporting fees, parking fees can make real estate will cover up, we also agree, but who can guarantee for our owners do?" Wang sister has lost the confidence of the developers.

for the Hebi people encounter, many people said very painful, we are waiting for housing, Yan Feng Jin Lan manager is responsible for international project developers said that no money can only be "self", the owners collect supporting fees, basements, parking spaces, the limit is coordinated in the Yangtze River Road Office under the owner’s representative the voluntary consent, then all the money into the special fund account of government regulation, as long as the funds in place, 4 and a half months will launch.

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