The cigarette business do four to work the whole

cigarette has now become a lot of shops are very important business products, however, how to be able to operate such a commodity, it is a certain skill. My shop is located in the middle of the street where the traffic stream Town, bustling popularity, very suitable for business, a street image of this street is beautiful in the project of tobacco companies and tobacco companies, I deal for more than and 10 years, for cigarette business, from the strange to the familiar, from 1 star to 5 star customer, always have to go through a process of learning and exploration, I think to do the cigarette business the following four basic important point:


when the customer to my shop when I always smile with due respect whether the customer has purchased, and I will continue like this, because the customer is very important, keep the smile will let customers feel that I am a man of gentle, amiable and easy of approach, and leave a good impression to customers.

to be honest

I never sell cigarettes or arbitrary channel smoke, there have been many fake molecules induced me to do illegal business profit from, but I have been firmly rejected, because doing business must be to win an invincible position in the fierce competition in the market. Although in order in the process of some brands of cigarettes is sometimes more nervous, can not meet the market demand, but in the course of business and I will do everything possible to recommend that consumers price or similar grade cigarette varieties instead, even if ultimately backfired, I will not smoke cigarettes or disorderly sales channels to entrap consumers, although the business is so small a deal but I can get a deal than intangible returns, that is my credibility and loyalty of consumers has been y affirmed.

to hospitality friendly

is the consumer businesses to serve, I always put the customer as a friend, always with the perfect attitude to my customers, such as a customer to my shop whenever I always want to ask the customer to have a cup of tea or a cigarette (usually new cigarettes) chat, because it can be closer to the customer the relationship between and sell a new brand of cigarettes, virtually added opportunities, Why not?!

brand to be in place

I always

to make up supply and pay attention to the diversity of species, as far as possible to meet the needs of consumers at different levels, general tobacco companies brand new cigarette delivery I always want to order a few try to sell, although some of the new brand of cigarettes may be slow-moving but as long as I hold some marketing skills, can still sell slow-moving smoke go out, if the customer to buy a pack of cigarettes I can give him some advertising or promotional items such as……

some of the cigarettes sold in shops are very fast

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