How about Makino colorful dough taste

tongue on the food brand countless, what kind of food is better? Xiao Bian think Makino colorful dough is a very good special snack brand.

pasta dough is delicacy of our traditional catering market, has been the favorite of consumers. Today Makino will combine the fruit and vegetable juice and the dough is perfect, Makino launched a colorful dough, let skin become bright and colorful, and satisfy the human body needs vitamins and dietary fiber. The special mould developed, diamond, heart shaped face cartoon shape, and collocation fashion tableware cute and creative, looks very appetite, the temptation is difficult to resist the delicacy of innovation.

Makino how colorful dough tastes?

The perfect combination of

Makino dough flagship product is the fruits and vegetables and cold noodle, 30 kinds of taste, can be said to be the China snack sector focus on fruits and vegetables and cold noodle snack chain stores. Long term to provide customers with stable quality service.

Makino dough shop business has the advantage of unique secret sauce, and no one can guarantee the taste characteristics of Xi’an, Makino both advantage of the characteristics of dough shop a collection of hundreds of delicacy, you can get multiple consumer experience, is the real value. Combined with the current fashion dining habits, including "early, late afternoon, night, four meals hot time, all the time is a good business, franchise business hot, let merchants choose partners, to earn the best wealth.

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